DART Central Station


Recognitions: 2014 Design Award

Project Description

This new transit station consolidates all of the transfer functions on to one site located on the southern edge of downtown Des Moines. The site was selected for its ability to create a southern gateway into downtown Des Moines and to develop a synergy with adjacent transit oriented building(s), the historic railroad depot, and to spur redevelopment in this area of Des Moines. Site layout was designed to maximize the efficiency of moving vehicles and people into and through the facility in the safest way possible. A ‘safe’ pedestrian zone is clearly established at the entrance to the administrative building into the customer waiting area then extending through the site connecting the transfer platforms. The safe zone is covered by a large ‘iconic’ canopy. The canopy not only provides protection but also establishes a recognizable and powerful image for local transit against the skyline of downtown Des Moines. Transfer platforms are fully covered by smaller scale canopies that protect customers from the elements. Additionally these canopies incorporate skylights that use Photovoltaic glass that allow daylight to illuminate the areas under the canopy and generate electricity for the facility. The two-story building creates a strong contextural streetscape that ties this development and future developments on adjacent sites into the historic area located to the east of this location. The building is designed as a glass enclosed structure that is wrapped and protected by an extension of the canopies that protect the customers on the transfer platforms.